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We are unable to post too much due to strict contract rules, but this week our very own Logan Clark took on a famous role for a third term in the West End an achievement which very few children have achieved in the shows 34 Year history. We remember it like it was yesterday, when he auditioned for his agent with the song he will be singing for the next 3 months. We knew then you were perfect for the part! Only this time, this time you will be singing in front of 1000s, in a new theatre, alongside West End Royalty, such as Alfie Boe, Michael Ball, Matt Lucas, Katy Secombe, Carrie Hope Fletcher and Bradley Jaden. Truly pinch yourself moments for all. Logan you are a credit to Love Theatre Arts, and the pride we all have for you, is something words cannot describe. The fun loving, now long haired Logan, is a complete role model for his peers. As hard working as he is, and the fact he has strangers now asking for his autograph, he still remains the grounded young man, who loves to be a kid. Super Proud Principals. Keep up the hard work, and don;t forget using your Toni Award Winning Speech!

Ellicia Gains her 4th West End Contract aged only 10!


So today marks the day that our very own Ellicia Simondwood takes her next steps on her journey as a performer as she now enters the cast of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s classic ‘EVITA’, showing at the incredible Regents Park Open Air Theatre. It seems like yesterday when Ellicia came to us as a 5 Year Old enthusiastic little girl, with a passion to perform, now 10 years old, Ellie is an accustomed actress in the west end!
We really have no words anymore for how proud we are of all that you and all our students are achieving. We still get the pinch yourself/ goosebump feelings every time we hear of such news.
BREAK A LEG ELLICIA! The whole of Love Theatre Arts are behind you!!



We take our flat caps off to all our Summer School students!
WOW WOW WOW, where do we start???
This year has been the best Summer School EVER! The students with their mind boggling talent, blew families away today.
There were moments today that would not be out of place on a west end stage. As Parents entered Cherry Tree Lane, the pride was already bursting throughout the room. As the Principals of Love Theatre Arts, we could not be prouder of what your children achieved this week. Every child Sang, danced and acted their heart out each with their chance to shine. We had beautifully sang solos, duets, dances routines and even a lengthy rap! Seeing children spend a week, doing quite obviously what they love to do and perform, was a breath of fresh air. We saw this week, children smile continuously from ear to ear, and most importantly saw children make loads of new friends.
Thank you to you the parents for enrolling your children, we have had a real blast. Today marks another Love Theatre Arts day, where amazing memories have been made and will live on in the memories of all involved.
We apologise for the 116 children who will now be singing the songs of Mary Poppins all throughout the Summer.
We would like to wish you a wonderful, peaceful Summer as the Love Theatre Arts team sign out for another year!
See you in September!

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